In the new Dutch Directive 'Field Standard for Event Care' it can be read that an event has different levels of safety. It is therefore important to deliver an event with adequate event care. Events organized without the presence of a Medical Manager Event Care is not recommended in that guideline. Because of this new national guideline, keeping an event without a Medical Manager Event Care is less safe for the audience. According to us, a Medical Manager Event Care should be included as the standard equipment of every form of event care.

MCBDD supplies this nationally required Medical Manager. The MCBDD fully complies with the new national guideline 'Field Standard for Event Care'.


You also obtain the highest attainable level of care with the MCBDD (BIG registered Anesthesiologist, independently authorized for specialist emergency care, trained in Advanced Life Support with relevant work experience). With the MCBDD you will comply with all legal requirements and immediately obtain the best available medical safety.

The MCBDD and its Medical Manager ensure you that your event has the highest degree of customer safety. We ensure that all staff members, from bar staff to security, meet the 'Field Standard Event Care'.

So you do not have to look any further. Ask for the MCBDD Specialist.


MCBDD: Medical Consultancy Board Designer Drugs. A 'must have' at parties and events.

The recreational use of alcohol and drugs is present everywhere at every festival. The MCBDD provides medical support, whereby the screening for the on-site dangerous situations is performed. The aim is to: minimize hospital admissions and ambulance interventions. This means your party is disturbed as little as possible and you stay in a festive vibe.

Everywhere party people go, situations arise that can have an effect on the spiritual and physical well-being of those present. The use of alcohol and drugs gives people an extra incentive to enjoy even more. Sometimes, however, it is counterproductive, causing undesirable situations to arise for the person himself, but also for other attendees. Insight in the effects of alcohol and drugs on psyche and body is of great importance. The MCBDD minimizes unnecessary medical procedures and activities, resulting in a higher party enjoyment and the greatest possible medical safety. Insight into these medical treatment processes, however, is not available for everyone. You need our MCBDD Specialist for this: Certified MCBDD Specialists, who provide their own years of medical practical experience and knowledge of the effects of alcohol and drugs on pschyche and body.

Our MCBDD course offer


Our intervention prevents frequent ambulance transport and thus prevents an interruption of the festivities


The MCBDD also coordinates the certification of events by our MCBDD specialists


By hiring our MCBDD specialists on a consultancy basis, the work processes can be fully assessed and optimized according to our principles.


For MCBDD implementation of your event, please contact us.


The MCBDD Specialist is a Medical Consultant: an BIG registered anaesthesiologist and certified MCBDD professional


Marc Scot, Christiaan Keijzer, Andrew Liem, Harald Olij


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The MCBDD Advisory Board: Securing the MCBDD in the Event Care Field Standard through external / internal supervision.


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Medical Consultancy Board Designer Drugs.

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Cost reduction by avoiding unnecessary ambulance intervention.

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Medical safety without worries.

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