We work with our specialist medical knowledge according to the MCBDD pricipe, where each event is assessed for medical safety. Every process, every action is checked. In the end you have a healthy event that everyone can enjoy to the maximum with fewer hospital admissions and the greatest possible cost savings.


An MCBDD specialist is an BIG registered medical specialist who, as a certified MCBDD professional, can optimally implement the MCBDD philosophy in your setting. The MCBDD acts as the Medical Manager Event Care. We can tackle the entire event at once. Phased approach is also possible through a modular purchase. You can request several consecutive modules in our services department to continue into a (if necessary) fullphased total healthy medical MCBBD certified event company.


In the new Dutch Directive 'Field Standard for Event Care' it can be read that an event has different levels of safety. It is therefore important to deliver an event with adequate event care. Events organized without the presence of a Medical Manager Event Care is not recommended in that guideline. Because of this new national guideline, keeping an event without a Medical Manager Event Care is less safe for the audience. According to us, a Medical Manager Event Care should be included as the standard equipment of every form of event care.

DMMCEC supplies this nationally required Medical Manager. With the DMMCEC, your event fully complies with the new legal guideline 'Field Standard for Event Care' .


You also obtain the highest attainable level of medical eventcare with the MCBDD (BIG registered Anesthesiologist, independently authorized for specialist emergency care and trained in Advanced Life Support with relevant work experience).

Do not settle for other consultants if you have an event agency. For this you need our MCBDD specialists, the certified MCBDD professional with knowledge of the complete processes regarding the effects of and dealing with people who have consumed alcohol and drugs. With the MCBDD you immediately comply with the complete new 'Field Standard Event Care' guideline.


Christiaan Keijzer +31 6 47 566 475

Andrew Liem +31 6 47 910 486

Harald Olij +31 6 22 487 526

Marc Scot +31 6 46 044 426


Franske Keuter

Franske Keuter worked for many years as (trainer) Anesthesiologist and Intensivist. This was followed by a career in the public domain as Medical Advisor CVZ (now Zorginstituut Nederland) and Coordinating Specialist Senior Inspector at the Health Care Inspectorate (now Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd). She has been working as a strategic consultant in healthcare since 2016 (governance, compliance and risk). She is also an internal supervisor.

With her experience as external / internal supervisor and consultant, she reinforces the assurance of the MCBDD in the Field Standard for Event Care.

This collaboration is unique in the Events Care Netherlands. The MCBDD is the only Medical Event Management Organization that has intertwined this expertise and advisory function in its policy.


- Medical Management Event Care
- The highest possible level of care within the field standard for event care
- Specialist emergency care guaranteed
- Guaranteeing Independent competence for Specialist Emergency Care
- External and internal supervision expertise in the Advisory Board MCBDD

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