1. Supply

Understanding supply, including logistics, throughput, allocation, staffing and available care.


Processing of, among other things, acute care, evaluation of hospitalization. Unbundling of these processes.


'Waste' elimination by the MCBDD specialist, who takes into account and has insight into workable medical MCBDD process handling.

4. tweaks

Implementation in different departments. Insight into the whole overarching process of medical support is necessary.

5. streamlining

Maintaining continuous cost savings for new projects by MCBDD medical consultancy briefings.


If your event is eligible for MCBDD Medical Certification, then medical safety is guaranteed.


We work with our specialist medical knowledge according to the MCBDD pricipe, whereby each process is unbound so that from the base any unnecessary medical treatment or absorption is prevented. Every process, every action is checked. Ultimately, you have a healthy event that can perform maximally with fewer medical procedures with the greatest possible cost savings.

In the events sector, more is needed to save costs than just implementing the MCBDD philosophy. Because the medical treatment processes are different for people who use alcohol and drugs, it is crucial that there is insight into all aspects of medical treatment in this sector. This is the specialty of the MCBDD.


An MCBDD specialist is an BIG registered medical specialist who, as a certified MCBDD professional, can optimally implement the MCBDD philosophy in your setting. We can tackle the entire festival or event at once. Phased approach is also possible through a modular purchase. You can request several consecutive modules from our services department to proceed into a (if necessary) fullphased total healthy medical MCBDD certified event.

Do not settle for other medical consultants if you have an event agency. For this you need our MCBDD specials, the certified MCBDD professional with knowledge of the complete medical processes concerning the effects of drink and pressure on the psyche and physical condition of the user in question.

A paramedic is often used for first aid care at events. However, only the knowledge of first aid is passed on, but the actual noticeable medical specialist implementation is delayed because there is no insight into these processes specific to the medical specialist event sector. The MCBDD provides MCBDD specialists with the demand for certified MCBDD professionals with the overall overview in these event-wide treatment processes.

By using the knowledge of these medical treatment processes that our MCBDD specialists own, the 'waste' in the core business can already be eliminated so that you have an optimal implementation of the MCBDD medical consultancy. You get more value for your money. The MCBDD specialist will ultimately be your most cost-saving investment.

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Cost reduction by avoiding unnecessary ambulance intervention.

Medical safety without worries.

Medical lean by 'waste' elimination and cost reduction.